Expat Latvia

Expat Latvia – Your gateway to Latvia.

If you plan to or have already moved to Latvia, then you have come to the right place.

We have created a platform where we are going to share videos on topics that will help you integrate in the Latvian community.


Topics that we are going to cover:


  • public and private healthcare;
  • health insurance, coverage;
  • clinics with english speaking staff;
  • emergency services, ambulance, emergency numbers.


  • buying property;
  • short-term accommodation;
  • rental market, rental costs;
  • popular areas.


  • schooling options (international, public, private);
  • language learning;
  • higher education (universities);
  • scholarship opportunities.


  • job market, in-demand industries;
  • job search resources;
  • work permits;
  • taxes.

Summer jobs:

  • summer job opportunities (temporary, easy pay);
  • new experiences and skills.


  • traditions;
  • festivals;
  • midsummer/ solstice and other celebrations;
  • cuisine, popular restaurants;
  • seasonal events.


  • public transport;
  • driving (driver’s licence, traffic regulations);
  • cycling (bike lanes, bike sharing programs).


  • how to get them;
  • how your family can visit;
  • types of visas.


  • useful apps – for public transport, education, food, tourism, banking and so on;
  • news;
  • virtual excursions;
  • educational videos and courses about topics like MS Excel, cv and others;
  • consultations.

For a monthly subscription you are going to recieve up to 6 videos per month about some of these topics.

Also included in the subscription (in collaboration with ltd “Bite”) – Unlimited internet, calls and messages in Latvia + 35GB internet in the EEZ.

What, where, when, how? We’ll help!


Contact information:

+371 23 886 863